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Transformer Ohmmeter Test Sets

  • Direct digital reading save time, no balancing is required.
  • Built-in discharge circuit safely discharges the specimen when test is completed, if lead accidentally disconnects or if power is lost.
  • Eight Independent measuring channels allow simultaneous testing of all 3-phase primary and secondary windings
  • PowerDB OnBoard” software allows for automated control and the option of saving data   (information processing, data trending, report generation) in an XML file with all historical data.
  • DC winding Resistance 1micro Ohms to 2000 Ohms
  • Up to 10Amp Output Current Capability
  • Up to 50V DC Source
  • “Current smoothing “ patented technology
  • Pre test Polarization Check with Bidirectional current capability.
  • Pre and Post test De-magnetization capability.
  • The sensitive surge detection circuitry monitors the contact operation of on-load tap-changers for the proper make-before-break sequence. If an open circuit condition exists, the instrument shuts down immediately.